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Washington Calibration
of the Rockies, Inc

About Us

Washington Calibration of the Rockies, Inc. has been providing on-site calibration services  for over 25 years in the Rocky Mountain region.  

Our Services include:  

• Surface Plate calibration and resurfacing 

• Optical Comparator calibration and               preventive maintenance 

• Rockwell Hardness Tester verification 

All calibrations are performed in accordance with ANSI/Z540.1, ISO 10012 and MIL STD-45662A.
Our company is ISO 9001:2015 Certified and all calibrations are NIST traceable.

Customer satisfaction is our goal. Calls and e-mails are responded to quickly with prompt scheduling. We also provide consulting on surface plate use to maintain accuracy and reduce the frequency of resurfacing. Our automatic notification when instruments are coming due also assures the customer will not miss a calibration due date.

Service areas include Colorado, New Mexico, Nebraska, South Dakota, Utah and Wyoming
Call or email for a quote. 

For those customers who require 17025 Accredited services, our field technician is also a technician for Washington Calibration Inc., an ISO 17025 accredited company. Please call or send an e-mail for further details prior to setting up calibration dates and purchase orders for this particular need.